Submersible Pump

If a 3/4" Submersible is too small, we also carry 2" pumps for moving large amounts of water over greater distances.

Our 2" pumps can move water at approximately 63 gallons a minute (compared to the 3/4" pump's 15 gallons / minute). These larger pumps are ideal for outdoor use especially emptying in-ground swimming pools or flooded parking garages.

Be sure to tell us how many feet of discharge hose you need - these pumps can push water up to 100 ft.

Safety Warnings

  1. These pumps are for moving clean water only. They should not be used for Sewage, Chemicals, or muddy water.
  2. Pumps do not have an automatic shutoff and should be monitored at all times.
  3. When using a Pump (or any electric device) near water be sure to use either a GFI equipped outlet or a stand-alone GRI device