Air Compressor4CFM Air Compressors, like the one pictured, are ideal for a variety of different jobs ranging from fixing a flat tire to doing flooring, framing and finish work.

These Electric Air Compressors are ideal for homeowners looking to install their own Hardwood floor! They're compact and easy to transport but they're still strong enough to get the job done.

Each compressor has a pressure regulator for setting outgoing pressure.  At 4cfm it's ideal for one nailer or one small spray gun.  If you're using your own nailer or gun be sure to check the CFM requirements first.


If you plan to use your own hose, gun or attachments be sure to bring them along to confirm that they match the available attachments for our Air Compressor. When placing a reservation be sure to specify whether you are looking for a kit (with hose and nailer) or just the compressor.

These machines are not recommended for winterizing sprinkler systems. For that purpose we carry larger Gas Powered Air Compressors.