Air Nailer

For installing hardwood flooring Toomey's Rent-All carries Bostitch Model MIIIfs air nailers (aka air staplers.) These nailers hook up to a our electric compressors and are made specifically for installing hardwood floors. If you need both the floor nailer and the air compressor be sure to ask for a "floor nailer kit" which will include the hose, air compressor and nailer.

To accompany the nailers we also have 1/2" by 2" galvanized staples that come in batches appropriate for 100 square feet. The Bostitch Model MIIIfs can work with smaller nails but please contact us to be sure that your nails will work.

If you're using your own air compressor be sure to bring one of your hoses to make sure that the nailer fits appropriately. We do carry extra hose fittings for different style hoses.