Floor Sander
Our Sander and Edger combos (also available as individual items) are ideal for homeowners looking to refinish hardwood floors. Toomey's Rent-All Center has been carrying Essex Silver-Line sanders for several years and our rental technicians are well versed in their usage. These sanders should not be used for sanding decking, porches or any painted surfaces.

Our Drum style Floor Sanders are used for getting the main portion of a hardwood floor while the Circular Edger is used for getting the outer perimeter, or small closets and hallways.

We carry sandpaper for both machines and even have a special Velcro style machine to make things easy for homeowners doing their first floor.

If you're planning to rent a sander take a moment to measure your floors before calling. For your convenience, once we know the area of the floor we can determine how much paper you'll need. This will save you possible trips back to buy extra supplies.

Floor Edger

These machines are available as a kit or individually. Due to the size and weight of the equipment we recommend having an SUV or larger for transport. For safety reasons we cannot load the upright sander in a car trunk or on the seat of a vehicle.