Extraction CleanerToomey's Rent-All Center carries a wide variety of equipment that is ideal for homeowners as well as contractors. We carry the same brand-name equipment that a contractor would bring to your house, we show you how to use it, and you save money.

Renting equipment is a must for anyone looking to save money. When you buy a cheap tool you get a cheap tool. All of our equipment is made for the rental industry or for commercial use - that means it was built to last!

For Contractors looking to increase their revenue renting a tool can be much cheaper than buying - especially since Toomey's handles all the storage and maintenance! For Homeowners renting can help you get jobs done quickly and for less money. When you're lawnmower, vacuum, or even fridge breaks stop by Toomey's to rent a short-term replacement.

Here at Toomey's, our knowledgeable Rent-All staff is available to answer your questions about home repair and maintenance. Before you leave we make sure you're well acquainted with our equipment. If you hit a snag we can help you over the phone, we even provide some helpful online tutorials for popular jobs.

Pipe Snake

It doesn't matter whether you're working inside or out either! Toomey's Rent-All Center carries a wide variety of landscaping equipment as well as tools for in home DIY projects.

If you've got a job in mind but don't know what tool to use we can help there too. At Toomey's our goal is to help you get the job done. Stop by and we'll get you what you need to get those household jobs done for a fraction of what you'd pay a professional!

Below you'll see a list of most of our equipment, this list is constantly updated so be sure to contact us if you don't see what you need.