Electric Eel Drain Cleaner

These drain cleaners (also known as pipe snakes, pipe routers, and electric eels) are used for cleaning the main sewer line that stretches between a home and city sewer service. They typically are used in your basement via a cleanout access. Interior drains, toilets, pipes between floors, and gutter systems all require a different style of cleaner.

When you rent a drain cleaner from Toomey's you'll receive the main machine, the feeding tool, up to 70' of cable and a series of bits for a variety of clog types. We recommend having a pair of heavy duty leather gloves, eye protection and hearing protection available as well.

If you've never used a drain cleaner before, or if you've used a different style, we recommend calling our showroom first so we can help you determine if this machine is right for your needs.

Because of the size and shape of this machine and it's accessories Toomey's recommends a pickup truck or empty van for transport. This machine cannot be loaded into car trunks or onto the back seat of a vehicle as it can result in damage to the vehicle, the machine and/or the person attempting to load it.