Toomey's Rent-All Center carries a variety of different gas and electric pumps to help deal with flooding issues. When using our pumps it helps to remember certain safety issues.

  1. When working indoors you should only use electric equipment. Our 3/4" submersible pumps and 2" submersible pumps can move large amounts of water in a relatively short amount of time which makes them ideal for draining flooded basements.
  2. Each pump's output is related to a variety of factors including the distance needed to pump the water and the height the water needs to travel. Obviously pumps will have different outputs when pumping down a slope rather than up.
  3. None of our pumps can be used for moving sewage, oil, or contaminated water! Special equipment is needed for these types of situations.

For indoor use or emptying pools and other clean water sources we have 2" submersible and 3/4" submersible electric pumps.

For outdoor use, especially for moving large amounts of clean water or "muddy" water we have 1 1/2" centrifugal, 3" centrifugal, and 3" diaphram pumps.