Wishing Well Chest

What is a wishing well?

Wishing wells are a traditional wedding item that's beginning to see a revival at weddings, fund-raisers, and other formal events featuring a guest, or guests, of honor.  These decorative boxes are used to collect gift cards and donations.  Originally styled after "wishing wells" they can also have other  designs as dictated by the event.  At Toomey's we offer two traditional wishing wells (one round, one square) as well as a chest style box and mailbox style box.

Where Does a Wishing Well Go?

Because they're used for collecting gifts or donations, wishing wells are typically positioned either at the gift table or near a registration table.  For weddings, this is often right by where seating assignments are displayed.

We recommend pairing a wishing well with one of our heart shaped table for a particularly sharp display.