For small parties or large festivals Toomey Rents has a large selection of folding chairs for indoor or outdoor use.  Chairs are available in a variety of colors and styles (listed below.)  Chairs are roughly 18" wide.  You can fit eight to ten of these chairs at an 8' Rectangular table or up to ten at a 5' Round table.

Black Samsonite Folding Chairs

Types of Folding Chairs for Rent

  1. Black & Bronze have black plastic seats and backs with a bronze aluminum frame. We recommend these chairs for ceremonies, lectures, or more casual events.
  2. Black & Black Dining Height have black plastic seats and backs with a black aluminum frame. These are good "all purpose" chairs.
  3. Blue & Bronze chairs are similar to the Black & Bronze folding chairs but feature blue plastic.
  4. White Samsonite chairs are solid white Dining Height chairs. You can see a picture of this chair here.

Delivery and Pickup Service

Chairs and tables are available for delivery with advanced notice.  During the months of May and June we recommend booking rentals and delivery orders early to guarantee availability.  For delivery and pickup service chairs arrive in stacks of up to 50 chairs each.  We ask that they are re-stacked prior to the appointed pickup time.

Setup and breakdown service may be available for an additional cost.  Please mention and setup or breakdown needs when placing your order.

Customers are also welcome to pickup orders of folding chairs.   Orders of upto 50 chairs will fit comfortably in a cargo ready SUV.