Frame Canopy Tents are an elegant solution for party planners working on asphalt, concrete, cobblestone and even grass. Unlike traditional rope and pole tents which rely on staking, Frame Tents contain a metal skeleton which shapes the tent and cuts back on the number of poles, ropes, and stakes needed for securing it in place.

Toomey's currently carries 4 sizes of Frame Tents which can be installed by our skilled crew. Other sizes may be available upon request.

Tent Size Area Needed Available Seating
20' x 20' 28' x 28' 30- 40 people
20' x 40' 28' x 48' 65- 80 people
30' x 30' 38' x 38' 75- 90 people

When Choosing a Size

Much like when considering a DIY Canopy or Rope Tent it's important to remember what else you wish to put under the structure. The table above provides for seating only and does not take Dance Floors, Bars, or Buffets into account.

If you're unsure what size tent is right for you feel free to contact us and we'll help you pick out what tent best fits your needs.

Other Considerations

Frame Tents provide great protection from both the sun and inclement weather. While these tents are open sided we do have clear, solid and windowed sides available.

Because of the minimal need for stakes these tents can be setup on either grass, asphalt and (in some cases) concrete or decking. It's important to note that tent cannot be setup near power lines, phone lines or cable lines so the area has to be relatively clear above the tent and its surrounding perimeter.

In order to setup a Frame Tent we're required by law to get a building permit from the local building inspector and possibly contact Dig Safe. This process can take upwards of seven business days (even longer in some towns) so we recommend placing an order as far in advance as possible.

30 x 30 Frame Canopy Tent
30x30 Frame Canopy Tent setup at Asa Waters Mansion in Millbury

40 x 40 Frame Canopy Tent Outside View
Frame Canopy setup at Holy Cross College with Window Sides

40 x 40 Frame Tent Inside View
Frame Canopy Tent view from inside