20 x 30 White DIY Canopy
DIY (Do It Yourself) canopy tents are an affordable solution for party planners looking to provide shade or protection from the elements. Made specifically for novices to erect, DIY canopies are easy to assemble and compact enough to be transported in smaller vehicles.

DIY Tents require a flat grass area. If no grass area is available Toomey's also carries Frame Tents which can be installed on many other surfaces.

We currently carry four sizes in DIY tents which can be easily setup in approximately one hour.

Toomey's DIY Canopy Tents

tent size area required available seating
16' x 16' 26' x 26' 15 - 25 people
20' x 20' 30' x 30' 30- 40 people
20' x 30' 30' x 40' 50- 60 people
20' x 40' 30' x 50' 70- 80 people

20 x 20 White DIY Canopy Tent

When Choosing a Tent

When choosing which size is best for your needs it helps to consider a few things. The 16' x 16' canopy, for example, can seat 25 people but it leaves almost no room for a buffet table. Generally a bar or buffet takes about the same amount of space as 10 seated people.

If, for example, you want a tent to accommodate 40 seated people with room for a buffet and bar you would select a 20' x 30' canopy so there was enough room.

Other Considerations

DIYs provide great protection from both the sun and light rain. When inclement weather occurs you also have the option of renting tent sides which can provide great shelter. These sides come in 20' lengths, are easy to install, and can be either clear, solid white or white with a clear window.

Flat grass with no above or underground obstructions is always recommended. Before renting a tent we advise contacting Dig Safe (888-344-7233) to make sure no electrical, gas or other underground hazards exist. Permitting may also be required for some installations.

Dig Safe LogoWhen setting up any tent or canopy you're required to call Dig Safe (1-888-DIG-SAFE) before staking in MA, ME, NH, RI or VT. Dig Safe is a free service and, more importantly, it's the law.

Many towns may also require a permit for small temporary structures. Contact your town's building inspector for information on whether a building permit may be needed for your event. Remember, this is true no matter who you get the tent from!

Setup Instructions

Instructions for setting up DIY Tents are provided below in pdf format. If you have any questions please contact us and we'll be glad to help you in deciding what canopy/tent is appropriate for your event.