For use with our Popcorn Machines Toomey's sells 10 oz "Pre-Pak" popcorn packets.  These packets include the oil, salt and corn needed to make about 10 servings of popcorn.  For orders of 100 or  more servings we recommend calling in advance to make sure inventory is available.

Popcorn Machine

Toomey's also carries Popcorn serving bags which are printed with decorative colors and the word "Popcorn" across the front.

Popcorn  Machine Instructions

Popcorn machines should be plugged directly into an electrical outlet.  Extension cords can cause issues with kettle which can result in it not getting hot enough to pop corn.  This can damage the machine.

Once the machine is plugged in you can follow the instructions below (which are also printed on the door of the machine.)

  1. Turn all switches to the "On" position.
  2. For the first batch only, let the kettle heat for about 4 minutes before adding the pre-pak.
  3. Add contents of popcorn pre-pak to the kettle.
  4. Once about most of the popcorn is popped dump the kettle into the bottom of the machine.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4. The manufacturer recommends making popcorn at least 5 batches at a time.
  6. On final batch only turn the "Kettle Heat Switch" to "OFF" as soon as the popping corn starts to pop rapidly.

The Kettle Heat Switch must be kept in the "OFF" position whenever the machine is not being used to pop corn.

Other Info

  1. An adult should be assigned to watch the machine at all times. Improper use, or walking away from the machine while it's popping, can cause a serious fire hazard.
  2. Pre-Pak's contain coconut oil, canola oil and soy.
  3. These machines should not be run on an extension cord. Doing so can result in the kettle not getting hot enough to pop corn and can cause damage to the heating element inside.
  4. This machine is mostly glass and requires special care when transporting. Customers are responsible for glass walls and plastic doors while the machine is in their care.


When cleaning the machine between events only use a damp cloth with some mild dish detergent on the glass and metal base of the machine. The inside of the kettle can be wiped with a damp cloth but no detergent should be used. Never use Windex or ammonia based cleaners on any part of this machine.

Before returning the machine be sure to remove all popcorn and unpopped kernels.