For backyard grilling, tailgating, or catering use Toomey's rents these Big John A2P gas grills.  The Big John line of gas grills is popular among caterers and rental stores for it's reliable service, quality build, and excellent cooking performance.

Big John Gas Grill

These gas grills have four burners and a 16.25" by 32.5" cooking surface and come with a separate rolling cart.  You can provide your own propane tank or rent one of our 20lb cylinders.

Besides Gas Grills, Toomey's also offers Charcoal Grills and Rotisserie Grills for rental.

Gas Grill Setup Instructions

  1. Place grill on a level area, clear of any combustible materials.
  2. Run the hose under the handle and out to the tank. Securely connect the propane cylinder and position it in an out-of-the-way area at least a foot from the grill. Make sure there are no bends or turns in the hose.
  3. Make sure the lava rocks are evenly distributed across the inside of the grill.
  4. The silver plate on the grill should be positioned away from guests and towards the grill operator.

Operation Instructions

  1. Prior to opening the cylinder valve and lighting the grill place all control knobs in the CLOSED position (turned to the left).
  2. Open the cylinder valve fully. Turn the right most burner to the open position (turned right and pointing towards you) and put a stick match or lighter to it. Turn the next control knob to the on position and it will light automatically. Because each section is ignited separately you should repeat this procedure for each section you wish to use.
  3. When finished cooking close all control knobs, and then close the main cylinder valve.
  4. You can now begin cleaning the gas grill.

Cleaning Instructions

  1. While the grill is warm use a long-handled metal spatula or non-metallic grill brush to quickly brush any food from the grates. DO NOT APPLY WATER TO THE GRILL WHILE IT IS STILL HOT!
  2. Allow 30- 40 minutes for the grill to cool.
  3. Once the grill is cooled wipe away any residual grease from the handles and metallic plate using a rag or sponge and mild dish soap.
  4. Using a metal spatula or putty knife scrape away any grease from the grease pans.

Troubleshooting Gas Grills

  1. The grill won't light: Close the control knobs on the gas grill and the valve on the cylinder. Disconnect the grill from the cylinder and check the tip of the grill hose for any obstructions. Sand or dirt can get caught in the valve during transport so make sure the valve opening is clear. With EVERYTHING in the CLOSED and OFF position reconnect the propane cylinder and restart the operating instructions from the beginning.
  2. The grill keeps going out: In some cases severe wind can cause issues with the burners. Allow the grill to cool and move it to a position away from any wind. DO NOT MOVE THE GRILL WHILE HOT!

Other Notes

  1. For safety reasons the grill legs have been locked in their upright position. DO NOT REMOVE THE LEG BRACE. Folding the legs can result in damage to the equipment.
  2. There is a cleaning charge for grills that have not been cleaned.
  3. To protect your vehicle always put a tarp or blanket under the grill when loading and unloading. Residual grease can hide on the underside of the grill and may cause damage to fabric liners.
  4. Chicken and pork can sometimes benefit from pre-baking or par-boiling depending on the size of the cut.  With thicker cuts the outside can often begin to burn before the inside has reached safe temperatures.  Always keep chicken and pork separate from other  meats and consider cooking them on a separate grill.