Toomey's Rent-All Center also offers Rope and Pole "tension" tents for those parties that go beyond a hundred guests. Our Rope and Pole Canopy Tents are available in thirty foot wide and forty foot wide styles.

Each of these Rope and Pole Canopies is considered a modular structure and can be built to a variety of sizes.

Please refer to our Canopy Rental Policies while considering tent rentals. Remember that all canopies require an area at least 10 feet larger than the tent itself. There should be no overhead or underground obstructions and the area should be accessible to a delivery vehicle. We do offer a measuring services for anyone interested in getting a tent. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.

30 by 30 Rope and Pole in a Backyard

When Choosing a Size

Remember that the numbers above only reflect one possible setup for a tent. When you setup a 40' x 40' Canopy Tent you typically plan on seating around 160 guests. This does not, however, leave a lot of room for a dance floor, stage, buffet or other popular party items. When choosing a canopy tent be sure to take your other interests into account. If you need help choosing the right size tent Toomey's Rent-All is willing to help.

Other Considerations

While these tents do provide decent protection from inclement weather we also offer sides for walling in the structure for extra security. Sides are available in a variety of different styles so be sure to ask what's included with your tent and what other options are available.

If your event is at night you can also rent Canopy Lighting. Unless you decide to use solid white sides extra lighting during the day is usually unnecessary.

These Rope and Pole Canopy Tents are ideal for grass or asphalt covered areas. Unfortunately they cannot be setup on concrete, artificial turf, clay or cobblestone. If you do have an area that you're unsure of, feel free to contact us and Toomey Rents will gladly send someone out to survey the area.

We'll quickly identify any problems and help you pick the right tent for your event. As always you should also contact Dig Safe to ensure the area you plan to use is free from any underground utilities.

In order to setup a Rope and Pole Tent we're required by law to contact Dig Safe and get a building permit from the local building inspector. This process can take upwards of seeven business days (and even longer in some towns) so we recommend placing an order as far in advance as possible. Unfortunately, due to these requirements, we're unable to take setup orders on Rope and Pole tents in the same week they'd need to be setup.