Sanyo PLC-XU100 LCD Projector

Toomey Rents carries a Sanyo PLC-XU100 4000 Lumens LCD Projector which is ideal for just about any event. This projector can produce an image up to 20' at 1024 x 768 resolution.

The projector can receive up to three separate inputs and offers an extra audio and video output to hook up to a secondary monitor or sound system. This projector has two VGA inputs, one set of standard component (red, yellow and white) cables as well as S-Video and 3/4" stereo. It can be plugged into any PC or laptop, a VCR, DVD player and most Cable boxes (including digital and High Def).

Hookups for Sanyo PLC-XU100 LCD Projector

If you're looking for a large screen TV for watching movies, sports, or just doing presentations this projector is a great alternative. Toomey's also carries Tri-Pod movie screens ranging in size from three to seven feet.