For all manner of propane tanks Toomey's Rent-All Center offers both fillups and disposals. Unlike other Propane Swap services we fill your tank - the benefit here is that when you bring in your new tank, you get your new tank back.

Toomey's can fill 20 and 30lb cylinders as long as they meet state requirements. All single tank fills can be handled on a walk-in basis (and will most likely be done in a few minutes) but for sales of more than 5 tanks we may ask you to return later to pick up.

If you're unsure whether your tank needs filling you can do a quick check with a bathroom scale. Generally, all 20lb tanks (like the one pictured above) tend to weigh around 18- 20lbs when empty. A cylinder like the one pictured above that weighs over 30lbs tends not to require filling. If your tank ways more than 30lbs but your grill is not lighting your tank may be damaged or may need maintenance. Feel free to call us or stop by if your tank seems full but your grill won't ignite.

In the event that you have an old, broken, or rusty tank we also offer a propane tank disposal service.

Propane Safety Warnings

For filling propane tanks we adhere to the following safety rules:

  1. Tanks over 10 years old should be disposed of according to local regulations. Toomey's offers a disposal service for your convenience.
  2. After purchasing a tank be sure to remove the plastic or cardboard sleeve to prevent moisture and rust buildup
  3. You should never transport a tank with the valve open. Always be sure to close the valve before disconnecting from your grill.
  4. Tanks with large amounts of grease must be cleaned before we can fill them. If your tank is covered in grease it poses a serious fire and safety hazard.
  5. Tanks with excessive amounts of rust cannot be filled.

Please Note:

As of January 23rd, 2017 The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has changed the initial requalification period for DOT cylinders.  Instead of 12 years, tanks must now be requalified 10 years from the initial date of manufacture.  If your tank was manufactured in June of 2007 we will only be able to fill it up to June of 2017.  This is a change made by the US DOT and is outside of our control.