1. Start the motor and fill the gooseneck with Ice until about an inch from the top.
  2. Push the handle pusher down to press the ice towards the cutterhead.
  3. Occasionally relieve pressure to allow the ice to reseat and prevent the motor from stalling
  4. Add more ice as necessary

    Remember that the machine is not actively cooled so only make as much ice as is needed


    Supplies for the machine are available in quantity. Syrup is sold by the gallon and will serve 100 people. We usually stock a supply of the most common flavors (Cherry, Grape and Orange) but other flavors (Raspberry, Lime, Blue Raspberry) may be available with advance notice.

    Be sure to book your Sno-Cone Machine in advance for the best chance of getting the flavors you want.


    While Ice Cubes can be used with our machine we frequently recommend using block ice cut to 3" to 4" cubes. The larger the piece of ice used the closer the consistency to snow you will actually get. Ice Cubes tend to be more like shaved ice while larger chunks of ice end up closer to snow.