It's officially graduation and reunion season which means that tents and canopies have become one of our most popular products. That means now is the time to start looking into any local requirements for tent setups in your area.

Take Worcester for example.  In the city,  most tents require an $85 building permit. This requirement, plus the need to contact Dig Safe before staking, means that tents should be booked at least a week to ten days before your event.  This is true for both DIY Canopies and professionally setup tents.

Other towns may or may not require a permit but the Dig Safe requirement is always in effect.

If you're thinking about getting a tent you'll want to start looking now. Remember that tents are great for providing shade as well as shelter.  Having one is almost always better than not!

For more information on what's available you can check out our Tent page or feel free to give us a call at 508-791-2383.