Toomey's Rent-All Center currently offers two styles of rental scaffolding. For small in-door jobs we have what's known as "Baker Staging" which stands 5 feet tall by 30 inches wide by 5 feet long. We also carry 5 foot full size scaffolding for bigger in or outdoor use.

Baker Staging

Baker Staging

Baker staging is specifically designed for use on staircases as well as on un-level or raised areas. It can be adjusted to have each end-frame standing at different heights and allows for easy access when painting walls, ceilings or other hard-to-reach areas. Because it's only 30" wide it can be used in most homes and can even move through doorways with relative ease.

Step Frame Scaffolding

5 foot Step Frame ScaffoldingFor bigger jobs we carry 5' scaffolding that measures 5' tall by 5' wide by 7' long. This scaffolding is used mostly for outdoor use but can also be used in wide-open in door areas.

If you're looking to supplement your own scaffolding with ours note that our 5' scaffolding is "step frame" style staging made by Granite Ind. Be sure to bring a piece of your scaffolding here so we can try and match accordingly. We've learned from experience that not all scaffolding is interchangeable.

Toomey's carries a wide supply of risers, wheels, safety rails and other supplies for scaffolding so be sure to specify what you need in advance. Due to the size of our scaffolding we generally recommend having a pickup truck to transport the larger pieces. Baker staging can fit into most empty SUVs, Station wagons and other vehicles with beds.